One Librarian's Story By Heidi Borton

Ruth Hartman - Ventura County Library rhartman at
Mon Jul 13 17:58:30 EDT 1998

Yes, when the topic of filtering arose and began to consume this
listserv's "space", it was suggested that the topic be moved to a new
listserv devoted to filtering.  The listserv was created, but has not
diminished the discussion here.  The new listserv appears to be generating
grist which is then dumped periodically on this listserv and two others
I'm subscribed to.  My "delete" key is very busy.

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On Mon, 13 Jul 1998, Louis Rosenfeld wrote:

> Not that I personally have a problem with discussing this topic, but
> wasn't there some consensus when these wars first broke out to take the
> discussion to another list?  Filt4Lib or something like that?  And if so,
> could the participants please take it there? 
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