Using the "new" Winselect

Charles P. Hobbs transit at
Thu Jul 9 20:20:43 EDT 1998

I took the advice presented by several members and upgraded to the
new version of Winselect (Ikiosk)--thanks. (Actually I don't have the
newest version--just the free upgrade). Winselect is much more flexible
and controllable than Ikiosk ever was. . .

Now I have a new problem. Normally, on our public access pc's, we don't
load Explorer. Instead we load a menu program (Mcafee Sabermenu, to
be exact) for security reasons. 

While the "old" Ikiosk worked fine in that environment, Winselect won't
function (i.e. block menu items on programs, etc) unless Explorer is
loaded as well. So I have to either find a way to get Winselect to run
without Explorer, or lock down explorer so that users can't, for example
minimize a menu window and start fooling with icons, etc. What's the
best way to go about this?

Thanks for your help.
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