IE 4.0 and Telnet

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Tue Jul 7 23:00:12 EDT 1998

>From the Win 95 help topic, To Modify a File Type

1	Double-click the My Computer icon.

2	On the View menu, click Options, and then click the File Types

3	To create a new file type, click New Type.
	To modify the settings for an existing file type, click the type,
        and then click Edit.

4	Specify a description for the file type and the filename extension
        associated with this type of file.

5	Click New to define an action for this file type.
	If you are modifying an existing type, you can click the command
        in the Action box that you want to modify, and then click Edit.

6	Specify the action that you want to define, such as Open or Print,
        and the command that should run to complete this action.

7	Repeat steps 5 and 6 for as many actions as you want to define for
        this file type.

The file type is going to be URL:Telnet Protocol. 

So I would do steps 1 and 2. Then skip to step 5, which consists of
highlighting URL:Telnet Protocol and then clicking edit. In the new Edit
File Type window click the edit button in the bottom half of the window
and then browse the path to the telnet program you want the computer to
use instead of microsoft telnet. 

I hope the formating of this message remains clear. Call me at 280-5145 if
you need me to talk you through once.

Shawn Ammon
ammons at

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