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Jim Schick jschick at
Tue Apr 28 09:21:22 EDT 1998

We have been using Publici software on our four public Internet access computers
for the last year or so. In that time we have gone from 28.8 modems to a fractional
T-1 connection. We really liked the way the program used the NT security options to
lock down the access to files and folders. The front end menu has kept everyone out
of where they shouldn't be. We set up a generic login for all of our patrons called
"guest." All users log on using the same username of "guest." We decided to go this
route instead of generating multiple login codes to give to users because of work
for staff, and we couldn't access our Dynix patron database with this software.
Maybe you will have better luck with those features, but they weren't terribly
important at the time we set the computers up. We used the software mainly to limit
access to the rest of the machine. We are now in the process of removing Publici
and NT and returning to Windows 95 and using Fortres 101, Winselect Kiosk 3.0, and
WinU. These three programs allow us to restrict access to the programs and computer
similar to what Publici did. We received four free evaluation copies of Publici
from the publisher by offering to be an evaluation site for public libraries. You
might contact them and see if they'll do the same for you......One thing that we
didn't like about Publici was that there was no way to get to the print manager
when there was a printing problem. Basically we had to log in as administrator,
then fix any problems.

Donald Barclay wrote:

> I'm looking for software that we can put on our public workstations (NT 4.0)
> which requires users to enter a login number (preferably their library card
> number) and which keeps track of how much our workstations are used. Our
> purpose is partly to control access to the workstations, but mostly we want
> to compile statistics on how much our computers are used.
> I learned about a software called PublicI from the Web4lib archives. Has
> anyone used it? Can anyone suggest something else? Thanks for any help with
> this.

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