Web OPAC Paper and New Search Engine

Vianne Sha sha at law.missouri.edu
Mon Sep 22 22:41:38 EDT 1997

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I was requested to put my presentation on "Web-interfaced OPAC: Design and
Maintenance" at the 1997 American Association for Law Librarians Annual
Meeting on the Internet for those who are interested to read.  It is available
now at:


Your comments on this paper are very welcome.  I am especially interested in
your viewpoints on using the authority records as the URN resolution server. 
Please feel free to drop me some lines after you read the presentation.

Moreover, I have a new search engine on my Web site "Internet Library for
Librarians" (a site for all kinds of library and information science
resources) to help those who want to do keyword searching on my site.  You may
check it out at:


Comments are appreciated too.

Vianne Sha
Automation & Bibliographic Management Librarian
sha at law.missouri.edu
University of Missouri-Columbia
School of Law Library

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