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Fri Sep 19 14:28:33 EDT 1997

> I wonder if there is an easy way to handle this problem.  We have a
> number of databases now that are available to our students and faculty
> through the web but are restricted to our campus by ip address.  We
> have some off-campus locations where students  have classes that would also
> like access to these database.  We also have some faculty and students
> using private ISPs from their homes who would like access.
> Our computer center does not offer slip access via modem.
> Is there a simple way to set up web access for these folks so that
> they will appear to have a campus IP address for purposes of accessing
> these databases?  We don't want to set up banks of modems in the library
> for them to dial into. We want them somehow to connect to our website,
> give their ID as their password (or something), and be connected.
> The vendors offering the databases are not offering us password access,
> we can only get ip verification.
> Remember, this has to be simple because I am simple-minded.  Or is this
> not possible?

Hi Margaret:

You could do this with a remote control product like PC Anywhere or
WinFrame, though the costs may be an issue depending on the number of
simultaneous users you want to support.  Essentially, remote users would
run applications on a PC that resides on your side of the LAN, so the IP
address is local.  As you know, I'm prejudiced here towards WinFrame,
but any remote control product should allow the user to connect to the
LAN or web with the IP address of the device under control, not that of
the end user.

This would have the added advantage of being able to offer local LAN
applications, like CDs, to remote/public users as well.  A WinFrame
server can be setup so that DOS/Windows applications on the LAN can be
delivered through links on your web pages without requiring the end user
to have more than a browser and the ability to get to your web page. 
User passwords can be checked as they get to your web server (not
particularly good if you're providing public access to your web site),
or they can be checked when they select an application that is hosted by
WinFrame.  This also offers the flexibility of making user name/password
optional for each application.  So, if you have some applications with
no licensing concerns, you can offer these without restriction.

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