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Wed Sep 10 22:14:09 EDT 1997

Philip Proper wrote:
> Greetings,
> I notice that increasingly the documents I am running into are in the
> PostScript format. I need simple, foolproof, instructions on how to
> enable my navigator to display these documents. Any help will be greatly
> appreciated, thanks, Philip


Check out GhostScript and GSView (
I haven't installed it myself, but I've seen other people using it.  It
reads PostScript as well as .PDF files, and is great for large files
such as engineering drawings, as it allows you to "grab" part of the
image and drag it about the viewing area, rather than forcing you to use
scroll bars for moving around particularly large files.

Not having explored it yet myself, I cannot speak for all of it's
functionalities.  Up until now, I've been converting PostScript files to
.pdf with Adobe's Acrobat Distiller.  This has come in handy for some
files, especially European ones created for A4 paper.  After creating
the .pdf file, I then open them in Acrobat Exchange and crop the pages
so they can be printed on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper.  Before that, I just
"copied" the .ps file to a printer port with a PostScript capable
printer attached to it, and hoped something came out the other end.



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