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Tim Tripp ttripp at
Wed Sep 10 08:30:33 EDT 1997

Elvio Pederzolli wrote:
> Does anyone know where i can buy IBM type compatible PCs that have CDROMS
> drives with
> caddies - all PCS we have sourced here in  south Australia come with caddy-less
>  cdrom drives
> As a public library we would prefer to hand our users the cdroms inside a caddy
> which they then load onto our public PCs. - this protects the cdrom - stops
> it from getting dirty, dropped and damaged , slipped inside a book .


You might be better off purchasing the CD drives separately and
installing them in your existing PC's (or replacing the caddy-less CD
drives already there.)  Caddy-less CD drives seem to be the rule these

I just upgraded a four drive tower for my standards collection on CD-ROM
(about 400 discs), and was able to get replacement drives, which use
caddies, from Plextor (  The new drives are 12X
(I believe the old ones must have been 1X!), so they're still being made
at least.

Can you not "special order" from your PC supplier for caddy drives? 
This might end up being more expensive, however, than doing it yourself.


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