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Greg Dean Schmitz schmitz at AXP.WINNEFOX.ORG
Fri Nov 21 15:41:05 EST 1997

I found the attached story about non "techie" people's 
understanding of our WWW terminology interesting.

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Reading lis-pub-libs regularly it is easy to become seduced into
thinking that the world understands totally the concept of the wired
world. Many of our "clients" do not as the following extract from the
London Evening Standard, 19 Nov 97, p4, portrays.

"Couple Tangled up With Website.

An elderly couple got themselves into a tangle after they travelled
nearly 100 miles - to visit their local Website.
The pensioners had seen an advertisement inviting them to visit the BBC
Website and imagined it to be a building. The pair drove from their home
in Portsmouth to BBC Thames Valley Radio in Caversham, Berks, and asked
a reporter if the Website was open for them to visit."

Anthony Blagg
Internet Officer
Birmingham Libraries

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