"Metering" Database Access on the Web -Reply

Dan Lester DLESTER at bsu.idbsu.edu
Sat May 31 17:18:54 EDT 1997

>>> Walt Howe <walthowe at delphi.com> 05/29/97 11:12am
If you reassign a password a minute after another
user finishes with it, it may not work at first, because the
previous usage
has not timed out. You need to find from the vendor just what
limitations are.

Thanks for providing the more thorough explanation than I did,
Walt.....    You're of course completely right.  And my big
issue with internet access to Silver Platter, and why both my
bosses and I would NEVER go to it is that they set the
cookies to expire after thirty minutes from the last hit by a
given ip number.  So we'll keep running a room full of CDROM
towers......though I expect that we'll add web access to our
UMI products since they don't have such stupid restrictions.


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