e-mail in libraries

Ronnie Morgan rmorgan at Harding.edu
Thu May 29 09:50:31 EDT 1997

At 02:40 PM 5/28/97 -0700, Jim Hurd wrote:
>	That depends, of course, on how narrowly you define research.  And
>if your estimate is based on anything other than pure speculation, one
>could infer that: 1. You spend a lot of time snooping upon your patrons
>and 2. That such snooping, if not done on your own time, probably detracts
>from time that could be more usefully spent. 

Ouch!  That kind of hurt.  This should have been sent privately as it is
attacking me, and not anything about the topic.  But since you posted to
the list, I will respond via the list.  

No, I do not "snoop" on our patrons.  But I do walk by those workstations a
good deal in my normal daily chores.  And you are right, I would be wasting
vaulable time if I just sat there watching everything they do.  Also, other
librarians here have told me about what they have "found" when walking by

If anything, I waste more time responding to people like you on this list...


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