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Annemarie Toth-Waddell:

Please allow me to respond to your

There is a single Web site that will
perform many checks on your
document, including HTML validation,
spell checking, and also
verifying that your links are live.


In response to your second question:

One software program that costs about
$25 is Unmozify which allows the user
to go through a site and collect in order
all of its pages creating live links for
later use. For more information contact

  Angelo Colucci              Web   :
  Info Evolution Ltd                 
  angelo at evolve.co.uk         Phone :
+44 (1703) 222204
  angelo at nearsite.com         Fax   :
+44 (1703) 222228


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05/27/97 04:41pm >>>

>>> <toth-waddell at ontla.ola.org>
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URL minders:
I've heard that software exists which
tells you not only when a web page   
has changed, but also what the change
is.  Does anyone know where I could   
find this software?  If not, are there any
regular types of URL minders   
anyone can recommend?

Website downloading:
We would like to be able to download a
complete website occasionally so   
that we can catalogue it and preserve it
in some manner (diskette, server   
or print- we haven't fully explored these
options yet).  Does anyone know   
of any such software they can
recommend?  Has anyone had
experience with   
trying to preserve complete sites?

I would appreciate any
recommendations or help anyone can

Annemarie Toth-Waddell
Head, Cataloguing
Ontario Legislative Library
Toth-Waddell at ontla.ola.org

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