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Wed May 21 09:50:57 EDT 1997

Apologies for cross posting.

The website of the eLib supporting study Focused Investigation of Document
Delivery Options (FIDDO) has been moved to a new server and has been updated
to include references and current information about electronic document
delivery service providers.  The site aims to act as an information resource
for library managers to enable them to make informed decisions when
considering using document delivery services.  The FIDDO homepage is at:

In order to add value to the information held on our site, we would like to
include experiences of using different electronic document delivery
services.  One way of doing this would be to include email addresses (or
other contact details) of existing users of particular services to allow
potential users to ask for opinions on a more informal basis.  We would like
to hear from users of document delivery systems willing to appear on such a
web page, as well as general opinions on the validity of such an approach.

I will provide a summary of opinions for the list.

Emma Blagg
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