controlling patron internet access time

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Tue May 20 08:52:00 EDT 1997

Here at the GTU Library we have a sign up sheet broken down into 1/2 hour

The sheet says that people may reserve up to two slots per day, equal to
one hour per day.

The sheets are dated and put out well ahead of time so patrons can sign up
weeks in advance, this is very useful for those patrons that come in from
out of town on weekends and evenings.

We have the sheets on a clipboard placed on a stand so it is highly visible.

We have used this system for years with our CD-ROM stations and it works
well there. The advantage of this is that the users of the station are not
bothered by questions since anyone can check the signup sheet and sign up
for the next slot if it is free.

If no one has signed up the user is not limited in how long they use the
system, this allows for extended use when there is no demand on the station.

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