Web-design RFPs

Dawn Thistle DTHISTLE at holycross.edu
Wed May 14 13:44:03 EDT 1997

Here at the College of the Holy Cross, we are undergoing a major
redesign of our web site.  We are wondering if there are any academic
sites out there (libraries or entire institutions) who have hired a
consultant to design their web pages.  If so, we would be very
interested in:
1.  the names of the consultants / companies you chose or considered
(and your assessment of their work)
2. a copy of the RFP you sent to them.
3. any other relevant  information you would like to share.

Thank you, in advance, for your assistance.  

Dawn Thistle (dthistle at holycross.edu)
Head of Reader Services, Dinand Library
Chair, Ad Hoc Holy Cross Web Site Committee 
College of the Holy Cross
Worcester, MA 01610

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