Tracking Software review

Thu May 8 09:54:28 EDT 1997

Sheryl Dwinell said:
>I saw the article in IW, as well, but haven't had time to read it yet.  
>Our library doesn't have its own web server, so we have a subdirectory off 
>the very large campus web server.  We'd like to get more detailed stats 
>than the ones made available from our webmaster.  Right now we can only 
>see how many hits our pages receive and nothing more.  I'd like to get 
>some log analysis software, but don't know much about running it when you 
>only want to analyze one portion of the server.  Does anyone have any 
>experience doing this and any software recommendations?
     Talk to the people responsible for the web server and see if you can 
     get copies of the log file(s), or at least access to the file on their 
     server. Be forewarned, these files can be really huge if your site 
     gets alot of traffic. If you transfer the file over to a workstation, 
     you'll need either access to your local LAN, an FTP connection, or a 
     Zip disk.
     Most of the software reviewed in that issue of IW will run on a 
     Windows workstation, although they usually recommend that you have a 
     nice powerful Pentium with at least 16 mb of RAM. Most of this 
     software is available in demo versions, so you can test it out, see 
     what you like, and then see if you can afford it.
     Chuck Munson

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