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Ronnie Morgan rmorgan at
Tue May 6 13:11:21 EDT 1997

At 09:16 AM 5/6/97 -0700, Dan Lester wrote:
>I'll not argue that kids need or should have porn....but as an
>interesting and ironic point, consider this.  Over half the
>sixteen year old kids in the USA are sexually active.  They
>can see the real thing.  They can do the real thing.  They DO
>do the real thing.  But they can't see a picture of someone
>else doing it.  Irony?  yup.    NOTE: I'm NOT advocating sex
>for sixteen year olds....I'm simply reporting the reality of the
>world today.  

So, because they are doing it anyway, we should just let the flood gates
open and let them have access to whatever they want to see/do, just because
"they're going to do it anyway"?  That's really sick to think about.  Maybe
the reason why they are is because of all the stuff that is out there

Yes, kids will be curious about sex, even without seeing any type of porn.
It's natural.  But when they get curious, and have all sorts of avenues to
choose from, they don't go to the person they need to, their parents.  

But to sit back and let them have it with the argument that "they're going
to do it anyway" is a lame excuse.  Yeah, sure, let's go ahead and sell
guns to kids, they're going to get one anyway!  In fact, let's make drugs
legal, and who knows what else we could flood the market with.  


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