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                      DEADLINE MAY 30, 1997

          (Thanks to those who have already submitted proposals.)

          Philadelphia, PA, USA -- February 5, 1997 -- the Citation
          Products Division of the Institute for Scientific
          Information(ISI) is pleased to announce its second research
          grant.  An award in the amount of $3,000 will be granted in
          July this year to support a research project based on
          citation analysis.

          The deadline for submissions is May 30, 1997, and the
          grantee will be notified of the award by June 30, 1997.
          Proposals may be submitted in hard copy or by e-mail, but in
          either case must be double-spaced and not exceed a maximum
          of 1,000 words.  Proposals should include the following

          -  Name, address, affiliation, and brief biography/c.v. of

          -  Brief statement of the research problem

          -  Description of the research design and methodology,
             including details of how citation data will be used

          -  Discussion of expected impact of the research results

          Submissions will be evaluated by an internal ISI committee
          and will be judged on the proposed application of citation
          analysis and the significance of the research problem.

          The winner of the award will be expected to pursue
          dissemination of the results in an appropriate forum and to
          acknowledge the support of ISI in any presentation or
          publication based on the funded work.

          Two hard copies(or one electronic copy) of the proposal,
          postmarked/dated no later than May 30, should be sent to:

          Barbara Nagy-Teti
          Marketing Manager
          Institute for Scientific Information
          3501 Market Street
          Philadelphia, PA  19104-3302

          e-mail: bnagy-teti at

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