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The attached is an excerpt from the Sunday April 27 Winston Salem
Journal op ed page.                                                                           
NARROW MINDS: Bills in N.C. House bash gays,                      

  Two bone-headed bills introduced in the N.C. House last
  week are enough to prove that democracy works -- evidently
  anybody can be elected to public office. 
  The first, proposed by Rep. Don Davis, a
  Republican from Harnett County who's running for
  Congress in the 2nd District, would require
  written parental permission for anyone under 18
  to gain access to books, tapes or information in
  a public library that mentions people ''engaging in
   . . sexual acts, unnatural sexual acts, alternative lifestyles,
   (and) any other sexual activity outside the bonds of
   matrimony.'' Davis, by the way, is so faithfully conservative
   that he was awarded an honorary doctorate by Heritage
     Bible College. 

I was in North Carolina on Sunday, but forgot to bring the column
back with me.  The entire column is well written and well worth 

Tom Perrin
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Linda Wallace wrote:
> Would anyone want to comment on this ? ! ?
> --Denise M. Davis
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> Did you all see the stories in USA Today yesterday (April 22) and the
> Washington Post (April 21) on libraries and the use of filtering for the
> Internet?  Any comments/suggestions on how you are handling these
> concerns in your community and what resources ALA could provide that
> would be useful.  I would also apprecaite samples of
> brochures/posters/any publications  your library is using to educate
> parents, your community about the Internet and your library policies.  I
> have a few here if anyone would like to see/borrow them.  Also, let me
> know if you would like copies of the articles faxed.   Success stories
> about how libraries are helping children/teens use the Internet are still
> needed for potential media placement.  Many thanks.
> Linda Wallace, Director, Public Information Office
> American Library Association
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