Content filter for PDF files

Alan D Gale agale at
Thu May 22 09:37:50 EDT 1997

    Some time ago I posted a note asking if anyone knew of "content
    filter" software that would allow Microsoft Index Server software
    to index Adobe PDF files.

    After an initial, unsuccessful attempt, I finally got the following
    reply from Adobe Support. Thanks to those from the list who
    responded. There were no other packages mentioned.

                                               Alan Gale
                                               University of Guelph


    Thank you for contacting Adobe Customer Support via the Adobe Web 
    site. We apologize for the delay in responding to your message. 

    Adobe plans to develop a PDF (Portable Document Format) filter for 
    the Microsoft Index Server. It was planned for  availablility by 
    the end of second quarter, 1997. Unfortunately, there is no detailed
    information available at this time.  Please check our website @ periodically for the latest developments in Acrobat.


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