Adobe Acrobat and Capture

Mon May 19 10:36:00 EDT 1997

The registration forms for the Special Libraries Association annual meeting 
this year are on the web (  Attendees are supposed to 
fill out the form on line, then print the form and fax it to SLA.  If you 
are not overly concerned about the physical looks of the printed form, this 
would be a method that would avoid making your users have an Adobe reader 
configured.  SLA also has the PDF option available; as a matter of 
convenience for your target audience it might be best to have more than one 

Ed Burgess
Fort Leavenworth, KS
From: web4lib
To: Multiple recipients of list
Subject: Adobe Acrobat and Capture
Date: Thursday, May 15, 1997 11:30AM

I have perused the Web4Lib archives messages pertaining to Adobe
Acrobat and have found some helpful discussions regarding the
distinctions between PDF and HTML in terms of function and design.
My question, however, is fairly rudimentary:  do I want to use Adobe
Acrobat to create reproductions of paper forms to be accessible via
the Web?  I want to allow folks who view the Web site to make copies
of the forms, manually fill them out and mail or fax 'em back.  (That
is, I do not want to allow completion and delivery of the forms via
the Web at this stage.)

Are there alternatives to Acrobat?

Finally, has anybody used either Adobe Capture or HTML Transit to
convert lengthy documents to HTML?  Any preferences or cautions?

Dean C. Rowan
Whittier Public Library

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