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Dennis Brantley dennis at
Fri May 9 10:13:30 EDT 1997

Des Stewart wrote:
> We are looking at deliverying some of our commercial databases to remote
> users via our NT web server.
> To comply with licence agreements we need to limit the number of
> simultaneous or concurrent users accessing the databases to a maximum (say 5).
> Does anyone know of a solution to this?
> Thanks in advance

If you are delivering the databases (CD or otherwise) from an NT server,
NT has a primitive metering function built in.  The directory where a
database resides can be accessed via a 'share', and the number of
connections to the share can be limited.

More elaborate metering/statistics packages are available for LAN based
applications, but many of these monitor an executible file, rather than
a container.  If users are accessing strictly data on your end of the
connection, rather than an application, these won't work.  On the other
hand, if users are running remote DOS/Windows applications from your web
pages using something like WinFrame, these packages will work.

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