Griping about Microsoft IE4 -Reply

Thomas W. Perrin tperrin937 at
Tue Jul 22 20:32:59 EDT 1997

Your comments, Dan Lester, are a hard act to follow, but, well, ok, I
found someone else who can try.  Here's an excerpt from Yahoo:

Lately we've been poring over Yahoo! Internet Life's article on the
Bible Code controversy, titled The Gates of Heaven and Hell. By now
you've probably heard the story: apparently, mathematicians have been
able to apply a numeric formula to the Bible that draws out secret
messages predicting the future. The folks at Y! Life decided to take
the matter a step further and dispatched a "skeptical mathematician to
find out if Bill Gates appears" anywhere in the Old Testament. Fair
enough. Intrigued by this idea, we hired our very own cryptographer
(call him Dr. X) to see if Picks of the Week contained any hidden
messages. We think you'll agree that the results are provocative and
eye-opening. Here's what he found.

Tom Perrin

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