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Tue Jul 22 11:48:06 EDT 1997

Another option, rather than Pagemaker's cumbersome HTML conversion utility,
is PDF. Pagemaker 6.0 (or later) ships with Adobe Distiller which converts
Pagemaker files (or any Postscript files, I think) rather seemlessly to
Abobe PDF format. PDF transfers over the web quite well, but the end user
must have the freely available Adobe Acrobat viewer to view the PDF files.

- Chris Hammond-Thrasher

J. Lee wrote:
>Camille Del Vecchio wrote:
>>         We produce a paper flyer using Pagemaker with information on
>> our programs
>> and would like to take these files and insert it as painlessly as
>> possible onto our webpage.  Any ideas on how to covert a pagemaker
>> file
>> to HTML?
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>> say, and then to say it with the utmost levity." G.B. Shaw
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>Starting with PageMaker 6.0, there is an HTML conversion utility
>included with PageMaker. But while this utility was somewhat cumbersome
>in PageMaker 6.0, it seems to be much more easy to use and yielding
>better results in PageMaker 6.5. However, I did not use it intensively:
>I just made a couple of tries with it.

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