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Fri Jul 18 11:22:48 EDT 1997

Yes, face to face interaction is vital to all of us.  You can't get
it all from the net, as wonderful as it is.  I've known Karen
Schneider for a number of years virtually, through a wide
variety of library and non-library lists.  Our first meeting was
indeed at the PICS preconference, where I was surprised and
delighted when at a break a charming young lady came up to
me and threw her arms around me (well, they may not have
made it all the way around, but.....).  It was, of course, Karen.
 And these types of things, which are so wonderful for so
many of us, are what turns a net relationship from "virtual"

As to the propeller beanie, here's the scoop.  It is not a
commercial.  I have no interest, financial or otherwise, in the
company.  I HAVE worn a propeller beanie (though this one
has a bill on it, to help with my eye problems) to every
conference, of whatever type or location, since 1992.  I'll
continue that tradition, of course.  And I wore it at all times at

Anyway,  since I was asked over twenty times at ALA where I
got it, I figure more might want to know:

Interstellar Propeller
1600 Woolsey Street
Berkeley, CA  94703
1-800-BEANY-ME  (232-6963)

They are in the $15-$20 range in tourist shops in a number of
places (I've seen them in SF, Berkeley, New Orleans,
Sacramento, and a couple other towns).  I'm sure their 800
number folks would happily take an order as well.  


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