Web access in library as security risk? -Reply

Dan Lester DLESTER at bsu.idbsu.edu
Thu Jul 17 16:44:09 EDT 1997

As far as I'm concerned, the security risks are the same,
whether you're limiting use to your own students or to the
public.  Either set, or any set, of individuals, especially if you
have no control over them, can intentionally or accidentally do
things as disastrous as reformatting your hard disk, or as
confusing to users as by changing all sorts of configurations
in software.  They could, if you don't have reasonable
security, do almost anything that anyone could possibly do to
a computer.  That is compounded by the fact that your net
connection may well give them even more access to do harm.
There are many security products, programs, devices, locks,
etc, that are available, depending on your need.  My personal
favorite software for win95 is IKiosk, which is inexpensive and
pretty easy to use.  So far at least, no one has broken the
security.  We also implement a few physical security devices
as well.



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