Librarians Get It, says Web Review

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Fri Jul 11 10:04:13 EDT 1997

>Dale Dougherty ... wrote a piece in Web Review called "Librarians Get It:
>How >Librarians are Shaping the Web". It is available at:
>Roy Tennant

In the area of health and medicine, librarians are in the thick of things
when it comes to organizing content on the net. Several catalogs/link lists
that are popular all over the net (not just within the library world) are
maintained by librarians. I know because I run a "meta list" site - For
this I use various methods (particularly link checking) to evaluate link
list sites, and many of the best come from library environments.

Is this also true in other disciplines? Are widely-used link list sites
managed by librarians in the humanities, social sciences, other sciences ??

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