children accessing porn; adults turning off filterwar

Mon Jul 7 17:31:14 EDT 1997

     David: Laura was pointing out that a position CAN be argued in favor 
     of broader children's rights than what is usually argued. I happen to 
     agree with her position, which isn't a surprise, and I won't go into 
     now in the interest of bandwidth preservation. Suffice it to say that 
     kids DO experience open access to the stacks in most public libraries. 
     I certainly checked out any adult book I wanted to when I was a kid 
     using the Kansas City public libraries. No librarian said No to me.
     But you do make a good point about the difficulties arguing such a 
     position in a charged climate like a city council meeting or a TV 
     show. It's not something I would seek out.
     Let me say here that i think you made a good point at the Filtering 
     session at ALA about your point of view NOT being represented on the 
     panel. Here's hoping that they put you on any similar panels at future 
     meetings. Even though I disagree with most of your positions, they 
     should be heard.

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Laura Quilter wrote:
>Actually, Ronnie, it *can* be argued that children have the "'right' to 
And would you like to argue this to the mayor?  The City Council?  The 
PTA?  The local TV news?
And how about when it's election time, and the library's serial levy 
funding for the next 3 years is on the line?
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