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Bill Drew drewwe at MORRISVILLE.EDU
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I am working on a list of  places to submit URLs for
announcing new pages and for getting those pages in the
search engines.  This list is part of a workshop I am doing
this Thursday  for a faculty/staff here at Morrisville
college.  The purpose of the workshop is to teach our people
how to create webpages for our web.  I will be doing two
different sections.  Both are almost fully enrolled at 25
per section.  I need input on the listing I have so far.
The URL for the places to submit webpages is:

The URL for the workshop page is:

Some of the links on the workshop page only work for our on
campus users.


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A statement of the obvious from the peanut gallery:

I think it needs to be clarified to administration that, as
wonderful as
our Virtual Library will be, electronic information services

*complicate* rather than simplify the process of attaining
skills.  We're all too familiar with the misconception that
the Internet
somehow "makes research easy".  The best interface to the
best databases
will not eliminate the need for bibliographic instruction,
but will
increase that need.  We have more information in more
formats, and more
students with less understanding of what all "this stuff"
is.  We've all
experienced (I think) the increase in reference service and
BI class
requests when we offer new sources, and the time needed to
teach how to
use all these different sources seems to be increasing

In other words, I agree with Bill in that we need to spell
out the
Virtual Library's impact on "traditional" library services,
and include
funding for instruction programs (more staff!).

The spotlight the Internet is shining on libraries is giving
us an
opportunity to educate our administrators about what the
research process is really like.  Let's make sure that our
towards Information Literacy and the creation of a Virtual
Library are
not seen in isolation.

Kate Majewski
Louis & Mildred Resnick Library
SUNY College of Technology at Delhi
Delhi, NY  13753
(607) 746-4642
mailto:majewskb at

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