Netscape not using netscape.ini

Greg Dean Schmitz schmitz at AXP.WINNEFOX.ORG
Tue Dec 16 17:16:18 EST 1997

I don't know the answer to your question, but I've had similar 
quandraries in the past, so I know what if feels like.  Here's some ideas:

Netscape 4.0 uses "Users" folders to store separate settings files.  Now, 
I don't see any evidence on my machine of there being an .ini file in 
those separate Users folders, but you might want to check to see if the 
problem is that Netscape is ignoring the settings you're copying over in 
deference of those found in its Users folders.

On another note, you mentioned netscape.ini as being in C:\NETSCAPE\.  
I'm not sure this matters, but on my PC running 4.0, that file is in the 
C:\WINDOWS directory.  Perhaps moving the .ini file to C:\WINDOWS would help.

Just some ideas.  There's probably a more definitive answer...  :)

Greg Dean Schmitz
schmitz at
Oshkosh Public Library

On Tue, 16 Dec 1997, DEANNE LUCK wrote:

> We are upgrading all our library lab PCs (Win 3.11) from Navigator Gold 3
> to Navigator (standalone) 4.04.  The first machine went fine, and we
> changed all the settings (homepage, days for links to expire, etc.)
> the way we wanted.  Then we made a backup, using msbackup.  Copied the
> backup to another machine (we've been using this method for 2 years)
> and everything looks fine except Netscape goes to its default home
> page and our other ini settings aren't present.  
> I'm at the end of my rope because c:\netscape\netscape.ini is the
> same as the file on the first PC, and reflects our homepage, etc.  
> That is the only netscape.ini on the machine, and the [netscape] section 
> in win.ini points to it.  Where is Netscape getting those other ini
> settings, and why won't it use the correct ones?  
> Any help from the very knowledgeable people on the list will be greatly
> appreciated!
> DeAnne Luck
> Electronic Resources Librarian
> Austin Peay State University
> LuckDL at

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