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The International Network of Public Libraries was established in
1996 at the initiative of the Bertelsmann Foundation and is currently
made up of 11 innovative heads of libraries from 9 countries. It pools
the know-how that exists worldwide, strengthens the exchange of
experience among experts, supports the development of successful
management concepts and especially promotes the transfer of
know-how into practice.
Become a member of this network! To expand the group we are
looking for five practitioners with outstanding experience and results
in innovative library work. We invite candidates to work on the

Effective Leadership:
Demands placed on management; structures and
methods to secure longterm motivation of staff.

Partnerships and Cooperation:
Successful partnerships and their integration
into the overall concept of the library.

Efficient Employment of Resources:
Organisation structures and mechanisms that
lead to cost-consciousness and to thrifty 	
business management.

New Distribution Channels - New Services:
Specially tailored offerings and innovative 	
services for new, potential customers.

New Technologies:
Models for a permanent flexibility vis-à-vis
technological innovation; formation of the
personnel, financial and organisational structure.

For further information please contact:
Bertelsmann Foundation
Public Libraries Division
Bettina Windau
e-mail: bettina.windau at

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