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                     Second European Conference on
                  Research and Advanced Technology for
                          Digital Libraries

     European       European              ICS-FORTH      University of
     Union          Research                             Crete
                    Consortium for
                    Informatics and

                        19 - 23 September, 1998
                        Heraklion, Crete, Greece

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- Objectives

This conference is the second of a series of European conferences on research
and technology for digital libraries funded by the European Commission's TMR
Programme. Its objectives are: to bring together researchers from multiple
disciplines whose science relates to the development of digital libraries;
to provide an opportunity for these scientists to form a research community
in Europe specific to digital library development and to enable them to discuss
issues and strategies specific to the European context; to assist young
researchers in establishing relationships with senior scientists in their areas
of interest; to enable review and discussion of research under way in Europe,
the US, Japan and other countries on digital libraries; to stimulate
researchers, especially young scientists, to explore new areas of interest in
digital library development; to establish a forum for discussion of issues
specific to Europe such as interoperability, multilinguality, intellectual
property policy, and information commerce; to provide an opportunity for
researchers in the relevant enabling technologies and information sciences,
to discuss issues related to interoperability between world wide distributed
digital libraries.

>From a technical point of view, the European Conferences series aims to
contribute to the definition of those digital library parameters which
especially influence issues of access, retrieval, and interaction with
information; to identify key problems which must be solved to make digital
library services an effective reality; to identify a general structure or
framework for integrating research and solutions; and to propose and encourage
specific, high priority research directions within such a framework.


- Topics

The conference organisers solicit papers on topics related to digital
libraries, including but not limited to the following list:

 o Digital Library Models, Frameworks, and System Requirements
 o Metadata
 o System Integration and Architecture Issues
 o Interoperability, Scalability
 o Networked Information Discovery, Agent Technologies
 o Information Retrieval, Organisation, Navigation - Tools and Paradigms
 o Multilinguality
 o Role of Knowledge Representation Systems in Digital Library Interactions
 o Collecting, Capturing, Filtering, Cataloging, Indexing,
 o Preserving
 o Intellectual Property Rights, Terms and Conditions, Rights Management
 o Authoring, Electronic Publishing, Electronic Commerce and
   Information Economies
 o Economic and Social Implications and Issues
 o User Interfaces
 o Handling of Graphics, GIS, Medical Data, Multimedia Information,
   Experimental Data and
 o Scientific Models


- Conference Programme

The conference will be held in Heraklion, Crete, Greece. Tutorials will be
organised on the 19th and 20th of September 1998. The opening session will
take place at 9.00a.m. on Monday the 21th of September 1998 and the final
session will take place on Wednesday afternoon, the 23th of September 1998.
Full details on the scientific programme of the Conference will be published
on our Web site by the 1st of July 1998.


- Important Dates

       15 March 1998    Proposals for tutorials, panels and demos
                        due to the Programme Chair
       15 April 1998    Notification of tutorial, panel and demo acceptance
        15 May 1998     Papers and proposals for posters
                        due to the Programme Chair
       25 June 1998     Notification of paper and poster acceptance
        1 July 1998     Scientific Programme on the Web
       25 July 1998     Final papers due
   19,20 September 1998 Tutorials
   21-23 September 1998 Conference


- Panels

Suggestions for the organisation of panel sessions on one of the proposed
topics or on related topics are welcomed. Proposals should include a short
CV and position paper for each panelist.


- Posters

During the conference a space will be reserved for poster sessions. Research
projects of any scale are invited to illustrate innovative concepts and
prototype systems.

Poster proposals should include title, names of presenters and outline
(max. 500 words).


- Tutorials

Tutorial days will be held before the Conference, on Saturday the 19th and
Sunday the 20th of September 1998. Proposals for tutorials are solicited.
Tutorials would be either half day (3 hours) or full day (6 hours).
Each proposal should include a title, a summary (intentions, objectives, etc.),
duration and a short CV of the instructor(s).


- Demos

Result demonstrations of on-going projects are strongly encouraged. Those
interested should submit a description of the intended Demo to the
Programme Chair.


- Papers

Papers (max 20 pages, double spaced) should be submitted electronically in HTML
format, either by e-mail to the Conference Secretary, Mrs. Rena Kalaitzaki,
or to our ftp site,


- Proceedings

The Proceedings will be published by Springer as a volume in their Lecture
Notes in Computer Science series and will be distributed at the Conference.


- Fellowship for Young Researchers

A limited number of fellowships for the Conference and also for Tutorials are
available for young researchers who are citizens of European Union countries or
Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland. The fellowship offers free registration for
the participants and, in special cases where necessary and appropriately
justified, may pay for or reimburse travel and lodging expenses.


- Programme Chair

    Christos Nikolaou, University of Crete & ICS-FORTH
    Leoforos Knossou, GR-71110 Heraklion, Crete, Greece
    Tel: +30 81 393199,
    Fax: +30 81 210106
    E-mail: nikolau at


- Programme Committee

    Serge Abiteboul          INRIA, France
    Robert B. Allen          Bellcore, USA
    Thomas Baker             Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
    William Birmingham       University of Michigan, USA
    Panos Constantopoulos    University of Crete & ICS-FORTH, Greece
    Bruce Croft              University of Massachusetts, USA
    Costis Dallas            Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Greece
    Edward A. Fox            Virginia Technical University, USA
    Norbert Fuhr             University of Dortmund, Germany
    Hector Garcia-Molina     Stanford University, USA
    Keith Jeffery            RAL-CLRC, UK
    Martin Kersten           CWI, Netherlands
    Judith Klavans           Columbia University, USA
    Carl Lagoze              Cornell University, USA
    Clifford A. Lynch        Coalition for Networked Information, USA
    Jeff MacKie-Mason        University of Michigan, USA
    A. Desai Narasimhalu     National University of Singapore, Singapore
    Ann Okerson              Yale University, USA
    Olle Olsson              SICS, Sweden
    Andreas Paepcke          Stanford University, USA
    Nicholas Patrikalakis    MIT, USA
    Carol Peters             IEI-CNR, Italy
    Jakka Sairamesh          IBM-T.J. Watson Research Center, USA
    Peter Schauble           ETH Zurich, Switzerland
    Hans Joerg Schek         ETH Zurich, Switzerland
    Eric Simon               INRIA, France
    Ingeborg T. Solvberg     University of Science and Technology, Norway
    Constantine Stephanidis  ICS-FORTH, Greece
    Shigeo Sugimoto          University of Library and Information Science,
    Costantino Thanos        IEI-CNR, Italy
    Ulrich Thiel             GMD-IPSI, Germany
    Stuart Weibel            OCLC, USA


- Local Organising Committee

    Sarantos Kapidakis       ICS-FORTH, Greece
    Penelope Constanta       ICS-FORTH, Greece
    Spiros Lalis             University of Crete, Greece
    Gioylh Koraoy            University of Crete, Greece
    Stella Vourou            University of Crete, Greece
    Mixalhs Tzekakhs         University of Crete, Greece
    Maria Stavrakaki         University of Crete, Greece
    Rena Kalaitzaki          University of Crete, Greece
    Maria Prevelianaki       ICS-FORTH, Greece
    Liana Kefalaki           ICS-FORTH, Greece
    Dimitris Papadakis       University of Crete, Greece
    Manolis Marazakis        University of Crete, Greece
    Anastasia Anastasiadi    ICS-FORTH, Greece
    Stavros Papadakis        University of Crete, Greece


- Contact Info

For more information regarding this conference contact the conference

    Rena Kalaitzaki,
    University of Crete,
    Computer Science Department,
    Tel: +30 81 393504
    Fax: +30 81 393501
    E-mail: ecdl at


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