Tiny collection

Katherine Kendall kk at harborcom.net
Thu Dec 11 14:14:40 EST 1997

Not a web question, but maybe someone's done this before.
I'm volunteering to reorganize and revitalize a tiny fine
arts library collection at a non-profit agency.  About
2000 volumes, mostly musical scores and books.  About half
the collection has been cataloged in LC.  

I would like to computerize collection access, but we don't
need and can't afford a full-fledged automated system.  I
was thinking a good database for searching and then still
used a manual card check-out system.  Is there a database
that can be set up to accept Marc fields which could be
dumped at a later date into another automated system, or 
would we have to start from scratch?

Since I'm doing this as a volunteer, I'm expecting a lot of
time to elapse before the whole project is done.

Thanks for the input.

Kathy Kendall
Mentor Public Library
kk at harbocom.net

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