Webcrawler no longer reviewing sites.

Wilfred Drew drewwe at MORRISVILLE.EDU
Thu Dec 11 14:08:27 EST 1997

Here is what happens when a great idea is taken over by a larger
corpoation.  Webcrawler was acquired by Excite Corp. not too long ago. 
I have been exchanging e-mail with them asking why I can't get the
review of my site that Webcrawler did a couple of years ago.  Here is
the response:

"Webcrawler has completely done away with their reviews. I have put your
site on the list to be spidered with "top visitation priority." This
should get you back on the index within two weeks. Thanks for your
patience and use of Webcrawler!"

I think we are seeing more results of the corporate skakedown in search
engines and indexes for the Internet.  This type of thing is changing my
thoguhts on librarians cataloging the Internet.  I am starting to
believe we should.
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