Gateway or Dell?

Michelle Morris morrism at
Tue Dec 9 17:10:32 EST 1997

Hello all-
I just signed on last week and have already gotten lots of great tips.  
Here is my two cents about Compaq.

I would stay away from Compaqs, especially the presario line.  I 
foolishly bought one for my home last year.  It has spent 3 months in the 
shop.  I have had the mother board, hard drive, and RAM replaced twice.  
The last time I took it to a different repair facility.  The person said 
said she saw 10 a week with the same problem and they have a nickname for 
the computers, "pretty sorryos".  She went on to explain futher that yes 
they have great customer service and support over the phone and then 
refuse service or try to get out of it when the customer brings the unit 
in for repair!

I had to share my two cents.
Michelle Morris
Laman Public Library
North Little Rock Arkansas

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