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On 12/5/97 9:19 AM, Colleen R. Verge wrote

>My question is does any one else hold a
>similar position and if so who do they report to, the head of public
>services, the head of the tech department, the library director or the
>head of reference? Also if you have such a position what is your title?

I am the Electronic Resources Training Specialist at my library....I 
provide training for the staff on new databases, web resources and the 
like as well as creating documentation for software applications and 
electronic info sources. I work the reference Desk at the main library 
once a week for 2 hours and spend 4 hours a week at one of our 7 branches 
(it has been hard to get away some weeks!)

On occasion I will travel to all 7 branches and do short training 
sessions, such as the new SJCPL Intranet, but mostly I use the staff 
training room at the main library. Recent classes include Intro to 
Eudora, Advanced Search Techniques, Netscape Nuances, a basic Intro to 
the Internet & Netscape for new staff and a short class on our new 
web-based PAC.

I have left my monthly public Internet training duties behind, but will 
on occasion teach advanced searching or HTML to the public.

I report to the Coordinator for Networking Services, who oversees 
acquisitions, cataloging, computer services, etc.


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