embed canned presentation in Powerpoint 97?

Bennett, Roy - WOU Library BENNETR at wou.edu
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It is possible to embed a Lotus ScreenCan movie in presentation 
software.  Using Lotus Freelance Graphics, you create a hot button 
action that is linked to the program you want to run (in this case 
ScreenCam).  The button can be any graphic or text, and is linked in 
the "Edit Screen Show" menu.

You should be able to do something similar in PowerPoint, although I 
haven't tried.  Also, Microsoft has a product similar to ScreenCam 
called MS Camcorder which was (and probably still is) a free download. 

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By way of Current Cites, I read a great article: Ream, Dan. "Glitch
Management for Internet Instruction" Internet TrendWatch for Libraries
2(11) (November 1997) (http://www.itwfl.com/glitch.html) .  

O.k., I read Powerpoint's help section first, so now I'm asking... has
anyone attempted to embed a canned presentation within Powerpoint?  As in,
launching a brief LotusCam session or a series of Webwhacker slides, and
then smoothly returning to Powerpoint?  I'm enjoying Powerpoint 97, and
it's easy to include a screen capture here and there in a slide, but I'd
like to get a little more dynamic (canned, yes, but dynamic, in a canned
sort of way).  ... Not that I won't still have a pile of transparencies,
Just In Case.

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