embed canned presentation in Powerpoint 97?

Karen G. Schneider kgs at bluehighways.com
Sun Dec 7 11:27:56 EST 1997

By way of Current Cites, I read a great article: Ream, Dan. "Glitch
Management for Internet Instruction" Internet TrendWatch for Libraries
2(11) (November 1997) (http://www.itwfl.com/glitch.html) .  

O.k., I read Powerpoint's help section first, so now I'm asking... has
anyone attempted to embed a canned presentation within Powerpoint?  As in,
launching a brief LotusCam session or a series of Webwhacker slides, and
then smoothly returning to Powerpoint?  I'm enjoying Powerpoint 97, and
it's easy to include a screen capture here and there in a slide, but I'd
like to get a little more dynamic (canned, yes, but dynamic, in a canned
sort of way).  ... Not that I won't still have a pile of transparencies,
Just In Case.

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