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Lori A. Schwabenbauer, Camden County Library LORI at camden.lib.nj.us
Fri Dec 5 15:34:07 EST 1997

This is not directly related to the Web or DRA.  Please reply to me privately
and I'll summarize if there's interest.

We're looking at a possible restructure of our library system's automation
department.  We're thinking of planning for a "techie" rather than a librarian
to head the department in future, an "MCSE" as opposed to an "MLS."  How many 
libraries have automation departments headed by a techie rather than a 
librarian?  How necessary is it to have an MLS to handle library automation?  
I am a librarian, and while I can say my library background has been valuable 
in my position, I'm not so sure it's been essential.  How much do the ideology,
information principles and "professional culture" imbued by librarian training 
come into play in the planning and maintaining of automation functions?  Can a
techie be easily trained to work closely with professional librarians to see 
that automation serves the special needs of the library?  Thoughts, anyone?

Many thanks in advance.

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