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Well, I suppose like many an elementary school teacher, I could say, "Look
it up."  But I wondered, too, and so I took that advice and looked it up at
the Merriam-Webster WWWebster Dictionary
(, which I know of from the HotBot
Cybrarian page, by the way

Main Entry: per?spi?ca?cious
Pronunciation: "p&r-sp&-'kA-sh&s
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin perspicac-, perspicax, from perspicere
Date: 1640
: of acute mental vision or discernment : KEEN
synonym see SHREWD
- per?spi?ca?cious?ly adverb
- per?spi?ca?cious?ness noun
- per?spi?cac?i?ty /-'ka-s&-tE/ noun

J.Y. Chen wrote:
>ooh, I hate to tell you this, but Ed Anuff, who spoke at the conference,
>was laid off as well.  as the Director of Product Development at Wired, he
>was perspicacious
enough to choose Inktomi as a partner from the beginning.
>we owe him a large debt for all he's brought to HotBot as well as NewsBot.
>I am sure his vision will be missed at Wired.
What does "perspicacious" mean?
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