Need pointers on working with a graphic artist

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Thu Dec 4 11:32:52 EST 1997

Eric, All,

I've worked with two separate artists in designing two icons.
Neither of which had any experience on the web.

I was the designer. But there was no way I could have put them together in a
resonable time and with the their software skills.

You will need to describe your vision to the artist in the interview. You will
then be able to determine how well that person can use their skills to manifest
your vision.
It is important to find a balance between your creative forces.   I like to
quote Winton Marsalis "Freedom comes from Structure".

You need to lock onto the basic concepts/words that communicate what you
I've had our artist read Webster's descriptions of those terms and free
associate visual images on other projects.

Give the artist the flexiabilty to max out their own vision and abilities, but
you need to set the agenda. Have the artist produce four or five very different
ideas for the beginning.
You need some choices.

Since you ultimately understand more about your content and audience you need to
be actively involved in the brainstorming process.  I think the brainstorming
process begins with the intial interview.

Best wishes,


Matthew S. Theobald, MLS
Applications Developer
Access Indiana Information Network

Eric Lee wrote:

> I'm a text-and-database-oriented person who needs to hire an artist on a
> freelance basis to create a logo and other graphics for a web site.
> Does anyone have pointers on how to describe for an artist what one is
> trying to achieve in such as way as to inspire imaginative handling while
> staying on the topic?
> Pointers on related issues of working with an artist one has chosen are also
> welcome.
> Thanks.
> Eric Lee
> ericlee at

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