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Ashton, Jason jason.ashton at
Tue Dec 2 16:26:00 EST 1997

Dear People,

Being a special library we are mostly concerned with servicing people   
within out organisation rather than the public at large. Because this   
site is large and many people don't take the time to come to the library   
we thought it a good idea to create an Intranet of sorts to deliver   
desktop access.

This we have done, to a point.

The page is housed on a standard network server. A server that in no way   
is configured for active WWW technology (ie it has no cgi setup). This   
leaves us unable to do many very important functions (eg a counter to   
prove the numbers of people using the page, forms for easier replying and   
requesting than the mailto links, an internal search engine...)

We have also been told that we are not to spend any money on this.

My request is this... Does anyone know how to set up a server so that cgi   
applications are able to run?  Or... Does anyone know where I can go to   
find out this information?

Any and all help is gratefully accepted.

Jason M Ashton  <e-mail: jason.ashton at>
Information Research Services
Institute of Environmental Science and Research Ltd (ESR)
Private Bag 92021
New Zealand

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