Deleting URL history in Netscape.

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> Hi all,
> Does anyone know how to delete the "Go to" or "Location" URL history in
> Netscape ver. 3.0 and higher (Windows 95)?  
> Thanks.


There are a couple things that you can do. 

Create an entry in your autoexec.bat file which cleans up the Netscape's
cache on startup.



deltree /y "c:\<path to your netscape cache folder>\cache"


Create the following batch file and name it Netscape.bat


deltree /Y "c:\<path to your cookies.txt file>\cookies.txt"
deltree /Y "c:\<path to your netscape.hst file>\netscape.hst"
c:\windows\regedit /s "c:\<path to exported netscape regeisty>\netscape.reg"
"c:\<path to your netscape executable>\netscape.exe"



Now create a Shortcut to this batch file.  Change the Shortcut name to be    
Netscape.  Change the properties of the Shortcut to do the following:

--------MISC Tab-------------
1. Foreground --> Check Allow Screen Saver
2. Background --> Uncheck Always Suspend
3. Idle Sensitivity --> Set Midrange
4. Mouse --> Uncheck Quick Edit
         --> Uncheck Exclusive Mode
5. Termination --> Check Warn If Still Active
6. Other --> Uncheck Fast Pacing
7. Windows Shortcut Keys --> uncheck all options

--------Screen Tab-----------
1. Usage --> Choose Window
2. Window --> Uncheck Display toolbar
          --> Check Restore Settings On Startup
3. Performance --> Fast ROM emulation
               --> Dynamic Memory Allocation

--------Memory Tab-----------
1. Conventional Memory --> Total = Auto
                       --> Initial Environment = <Max Available>
                       --> Uncheck Protected
2. Expanded (EMS) Memory --> Total = <Twice Initial Environment>
3. Extended (XMS) Memory --> Total = <Twice Initial Environment> 
                         --> Check Uses HMA
4. MS-DOS Protected-Mode (DPMI) Memory --> Total = <Twice Initial Environment>

--------Font Tab-------------
1. Available types --> Choose Bitmap Only
2. Font Size --> Choose 4 X 6
--------Program Tab----------
Leave the defaults except:
1. Run --> Choose Minimized
2. Check Close on Exit
3. Click Change Icon
   a. Click Browse and find the netscape executable
   b. Double Click the executable and choose the main netscape icon

Finally, start regedit and find the netscape registry key         
(HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Netscape\Netscape Navigator).  All
of Netscape's settings exist below this key.  You can make changes to these as
you see fit.  The URL History subkey contains the information that a user sees
if they click on the down arrow at the end of the Location: field during a  
Netscape Session.  You could just delete these, but I include predefined sites
like search engines and library sites.  When you are all done, export the 
registry file as c:\<path to exported netscape regeisty>\netscape.reg          
(mentioned in your Netscape.bat file).  Make sure the export range is only
the  selected branch                                                            
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Netscape\Netscape Navigator and that the save as type
is Registration Files.


What this does is clean your hard drive of all the files that Netscape drops to
your disk during operation on Boot-up. If you set the cache size under          
Netscape's Options|Network Prefences|Disk and Memory Cache to a relatively small
size, this shouldn't slow the computer up too much in the morning and should 
prevent lockups from excessively large cache sizes and file counts (on the order
or thousands of files in bad situations).

Additionally, by launching netscape from a batch file, you get the opportunity 
to do some automatic cleanup for each patron's Netscape session.

I hope this helps.

By the way, I have relatives in Bedford.  Do you happen to know the Brandts or
the Glenns?

Good Luck

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