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Cathy Lindsey-King lindsey at
Mon Dec 1 17:46:32 EST 1997

For those with an interest in this topic, I have just discovered that 
there is a publication for sale from the SLA (Special Libraries Association).

Although it is probably somewhat dated (1987), it is also very 
inexpensive (on sale for $6.00 to SLA members, $10.00 to 
non-members).  As such, it might prove to be a viable starting point.

Title:  Automating the Newspaper Clipping Files
By:     Newspaper Division of SLA
ISBN: 0-87111-328-7
Pages: 52

Description (from the 1997 SLA Publications Catalogue):

"Intended to help newspaper libraries convert from manual clipping 
collections to electronic ones.  Chapters include "The Database and 
the Newsroom", "The Database and the Library", "Marketing the 
Database In-House and Outside", and "A Survey of Available Systems"."

Cathy Lindsey-King
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