Using Proxy Server with FirstSearch - Problem

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Thu Dec 18 18:24:52 EST 1997

   Hi! We are also using a proxy server (Microsoft's) to limit what addresses 
   some of our public machines can see. OCLC uses a number of different 
   machine names and will load-balance between them. I have found that for 
   best results I've set the proxy server to allow for the entire "" 
   domain, instead of pointing to a specific server where I log in, this way 
   if the search server gets changes from the login server my users will still 
   get access.
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Subject: Using Proxy Server with FirstSearch - Problem 
Author:  <mack at > at SMTP
Date:    12/18/97 1:11 PM

I'm looking for someone who has experienced this problem.  We have set up 
Netscape's proxy server and, with the exception of FirstSearch, have 
configured it to access our restricted resources. We are getting through the 
proxy server because we can get to the screen where databases are selected. 
Upon selecting a database,  we get the "400 Database Unavailable" message.
Another site, with the proxy server configured the same isn't have the same 
FirstSearch differs from the other resources in that it isn't restricted by 
IP address but uses a cgi script and the WebScript binary to connect.
Any ideas?
Mack A. Lundy III, Library Systems Manager 
College of William and Mary, Swem Library 
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