Fortres/Gateway Problem

Clayton Moore clmoore at
Thu Dec 18 17:16:32 EST 1997

Hi all - 

We're having an awful time loading Fortres' on to our new Gateway 166mhz
workstations.  Once we get Fortres' loaded, the machine turns itself off
after the boot process.

We turned off the power management in Windows, and that lets us get to
Windows, but Fortres' is nowhere to be seen, and hasn't loaded.

Then, we edited the autoexec.bat file, and took out the /a command that
allows to load.  This again allows us to get to Windows, and
Fortres appears, and protects the desktop, but won't prevent users from
saving to the C: drive.

Help!  This is driving us crazy.  I know there's a lot of Gateways being
used out there - anybody else run into this?

Oh - one more strange point.  This only happens on the tower models of
these new Gateways.  The desktop models work fine.  ???


S. Clayton Moore
Internet Specialist
Arapahoe Library District
Littleton, Colorado
clmoore at

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