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Isabel Danforth danforth at
Tue Dec 9 22:28:22 EST 1997

A number of people asked me to let them know when I found the source of my
staffing ration.  Here it is.

At the suggestion of Donna Miller of Avon Public Library, I called Laurel
Goodgion of the Portland public library.  She was the source of my hearsay
about the ratio of 1 full time staff person for 50 computers.

This summer she attended the "Leadership in Technology Institute".  There
Diane Mayo, of Information Partners Inc. spoke about managing technology
under the topic of writing technology plans.

A paraphrase of her quote was:

As a rule of thumb, you need  one full time employee for every 50 computer
in the library.  If you become a ‘network nazi’ and insist that all
machines are identical, then 1 person  for every 100 machines may suffice.

Isabel L. Danforth   Reference Librarian, Wethersfield Public Library
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