GW2K or Dell?

Jim Richards jrichards at
Sat Dec 6 17:06:55 EST 1997

Michael Dargan wrote:
> We're about to upgrade some of our public Internet access stations from
> various models of 486s to Pentiums.  We've had good luck with a couple of
> Dell Optiplexes used by staff.  However, I can get Gateway E1000 series
> machines for several hundred dollars less than similarly equipped Dells.
> I'm interested in hearing GW2K E series stories, praise, gripes, etc.
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If at all possible don't go with Dell!  We have just about all Dell's
now because of a city contract but the next batch of computers we're
buying will be no-name clones.  Our last batch of 25 machines had 3 bad
machines.  2 of them were bad on-board NIC's and one had a hard drive go
after about 2 days of operation.  There easy to work on (everything
swings out of your way) but I personally think they're not worth the

Jim Richards	Network Administrator
Naperville Public Libraries

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