Style Sheets & Body Text

Elizabeth Hamilton hamilte at
Sat Dec 6 18:52:52 EST 1997

Dear Listees,

I'm just beginning to use Cascading Style Sheets and
cannot make my BODY text specification work in Communicator
4.01 but it works in MSIE 3.0.

I want to specify that all headings be a sans serif 
font and that all body text be the same. I have placed 
the following markup inside the <HEAD> tags.

    H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 {font-family: "Arial", sans serif }

    BODY { font-family: "Arial", sans serif }


Am I doing anything wrong or is there a bug in Comm. 4.01?


Elizabeth Hamilton,
University Libraries Web Manager
University of Cincinnati
elizabeth.hamilton at

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