CGI Free...the new, and great service!

CGI Free admin at
Fri Nov 1 19:18:01 EST 1996

        CGI Free is an amazing site which lets you take advantage of CGI
Scripts if you do not know how to create them or use them.  I think that no
one on this mailing list should pass up this FREE offer.  This will really
spice up your web site!

        Yes, everything is FREE, accept for the logger script and the
guestbook script, which take up too much space per customer to hand them out
to everyone.  If you would like the "special scripts" that can be arranged,
but that is not the sole purpose of CGI Free.  

        There are also five other scripts to use of CGI Free's server (user
friendly) AT NO COST AT ALL.  Some of these scripts include:  Browser
Redirection, Random Image, FormMailer, and Random Link.  You will also,
soon, be able to download CGI Scripts at no charge.

To set up a FREE account, just visit and click on
the JOIN section.

                        CGI Free

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